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Sound equipment

Miłosz Pawęta

Sound Engineer

100dB studio:

100 dB Studio offers a range of services including editing, mixing, and mastering of music recordings, as well as consultations on recording and music production. Miłosz Pawęta, the sound engineer, acoustics expert, and guitarist, brings 20 years of guitar-playing experience to 100 dB Studio.


"My goal is to extract the maximum energy from your recordings. I will emphasize the nuances, ensuring that no element you've worked on gets lost in the mix. The songs you entrust to me will sound cohesive and dynamic, aligned with the vision and expectations you present. As a musician myself and an active band member, I can empathize with your situation, making our collaborative mixing process enjoyable and resulting in outstandingly sounding music. "With my knowledge of modern production techniques, I can address imperfections that may arise from recording in home conditions or under time constraints in the studio (e.g., timing issues, vocal intonation)."


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Song mixing

Audio editing



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